Still feeling that life is passing you by?

Discover How To Overcome Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks With Two Simple Steps Without Paying For Expensive Therapy And Without Leaving Your Room

Let me help you to start living your anxiety free life now...

Here is what you don't need...

  • You don't need long and extensive therapy
  • You don't need to buy expensive medicine
  • You don't need to visit consulting rooms

and you don't have to wait before starting, but you do have to BELIEVE in something...

"You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life
- Steve Jobs

You don't have to take my word for it:

For anyone suffering from social anxiety, this book is a great read. It offers advice from a different perspective than many other anxiety books out there. I've personally suffered from anxiety in many forms from a early age, and I found this refreshing...

Theresa R.

So many of the topics covered are things that I haven't consciously thought about, but are beliefs I have had for a long time. It was great to actually read these things and  feel validated, that I'm not the only with these problems. Another great thing about reading this book is that I was truly inspired for the first time in a long time.

Ryan G.

The eBook Starting Blocks by Dirk Le Roux is a great read! Not only did it help me learn about myself, but it helped me get motivated and ready to change. As a Christian, this eBook is great because it uses spiritual basis to help the reader overcome anxiety. I would recommend this to anyone fighting with social anxiety, even if you think it's hopeless!

Celina T.

It sounds weird but what you have written really just rings true to me. I love the way you used real-life examples, religion, and science all together to explain social anxiety.


Celina also send me a video - You can look at it HERE

From: Dirk Le Roux


Dear Frustrated Anxiety Sufferer,

If you want to live a meaningful life without anxiety, then this can be the most important message you will ever read:

I only found out very late in life how to deal with Social Anxiey...

As manager for a construction company, I often felt frustrated when overlooked for promotion. With my university degree, I landed a senior position in the company. Whenever it was turn to speak in meetings my voice was shaking, my heartbeat was spiking and I often got agitated.

My social anxiety was keeping me from really becoming part of a wonderful (I didn't think that back then) group of people. I was often jealous that my sub-ordinates were more at ease at social functions than me.

My frustration got the better of me and I resigned to find a job where I didn't have to work in a large team. My income dropped but also my frustration - for a while. I often felt sad, feeling that I was sitting on the sidelines with life itself passing by. I read many self-help books, attended courses and classes to find meaning for my life and to improve my quality of life, but there was never a permanent change.

Then life dealt me another bad hand...

I was forced into early retirement. I did not provide enough for retirement and could not find a job again. I used some of my pension money to purchase a franchise, but it turned out to be a scam. The next franchise didn't work out either.

Then something changed again...

All of a sudden the world was a wonderful, albeit not easy, place full of opportunities!

To share this with you, I've just written an eBook called "Starting Blocks - From Bloodsucking Emotional Vampires To Help From The Unseen Realm" which is a simple and easy 2-step way to start overcoming social anxiety.

With the eBook STARTING BLOCKS, you are challenged to re-look at your pre-conceptions regarding social anxiety.

  • How to INSTANTLY stop your PANIC ATTACK
  • How to OVERCOME your social anxiety

You don't have to spend hours on countless therapy sessions or other programs that are not working and... you don't have to break the bank to beat your social anxiety.

With the STARTING BLOCKS in this eBook you'll learn exactly HOW TO FIGHT THE WAR against social anxiety...

Talking about a WAR?

Starting Blocks addresses the real and basic triggers of anxiety and allow beating them. Building on and reinforcing the 2-step method to fight fear and anxiety, it will ensure that you will never have to worry about suffering another panic attack.

The subconscious mind can be compared with a well filled with learned emotions telling you how to react to certain situations. Situations are conveyed to the subconscious mind by the senses - through your conscious mind - and the suconscious mind then tells you how to react.

Deep rooted negative emotions, or belief systems, must be removed and replaced by positive or "normal" beliefs. This is a war where you definitely need Allies to help you - alone you just won't make it. You do not have access to your subconscious mind through your conscious mind.

The 2-step way has been used for ages and is still being used today. Almost forgotten in our modern society, STARTING BLOCKS is now helping you to understand and apply it in your life.

An eBook that will challenge you to:

  • Accept your social anxiety to start your meaningful life
  • Know your enemies to resist them without fear
  • Find your Allies so that you can engage them to assist you
  • Discover the Unseen Realm and its influence in your life
  • Apply the 2-step way in your life and beat social anxiety

Now, I know that's a HUGE claim,

And you may be thinking "nonsense"!

Maybe you're even thinking of leaving this page...

But don't! - Unless you are already living a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle!

"STARTING BLOCKS - From Bloodsucking Emotional Vampires To Help From The Unseen Realm"

In more detail:

But Wait! There's More...

Order now and you get these 3 exclusive bonuses absolutely free...

"Are you ready to leave the social anxiety hell and run to your life?"

If you suffer from social anxiety and are struggling to find your way out of this mental and emotional prison, then The Starting Blocks is the book for you.

With first hand experience of this dreadful dilemma, Dirk le Roux gives a comprehensive, step by step manual, how to handle and solve this delicate proble.

The Starting Blocks gives you some simple, yet very effective tools to identify the problems, recognize behaviour patterns (your own and others) understanding the tricks emotional predators use, to catch and drag unsuspectable victims into their ego-webs.

This book also gives you valuable and practical tips on HOW and WHAT to avoid in regards to the most common traps. Last but not least, there are very useful tips how you can boost your strenth and courage to get out of this prison.

Dirk Le Roux also points our another and too often neglected aspect when the topic is fear - of any kind - and that is the external invisible forces at play, the influences from the non-physical, non-worldly forces of other dimensions.

These topics might turn you off in disbelief, you might choose to ignore them, or this is a part of your everyday experience and you feel relieved that finally, someone is brave enough to adress this issue.

If you are an absolute atheist, this book might not be your cup o' tea, since there is a strong and positive christian belief at the core, that permeates the ideas and solutions in the book.

If you live by another philosophy or religious/spiritual belief system you can still greatly benefit from The Starting Blocks. Fear and Anxiety, unfortunately, knows no boundaries.

I warmly recommend this book to all people struggling to take control over their lives.

Get ready and run for it!

Helen Mortensen

Some other facts that lead me to writing this eBook...

  • Although 8 out of 10 Americans say that religious faith is important in their daily lives, only a small percentage of psychologists are discussing spirituality or religious beliefs in treatment.  American Psychological Association - Gallup
  • Most social anxiety sufferers are not convinced that the popular treatment would make any difference in their quest for a meaningful life. - WebMD
  • Social anxiety sufferers tend to avoid accepting it. It makes them feel that they are "bad" Christians or "bad" Jews. - Christianity Today   Testimonial
  • The Talmud seems to have anticipated modern psychosomatic illnesses: "Worry can kill; therefore let not anxiety enter your heart, for is has slain many a person". - The Three-Patalled Rose
  • Sadly, suicide is often the answer for a desperate social anxiety sufferer. - Andy's Story

I did not write this eBook for people that are living successful and meaningful lives - It is for all of you suffering due to negative beliefs forced on you and actively ruin you from deep inside your subconscious mind.

I want every Social Anxiety sufferer to read it, to be inspired and to take action knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you can START RIGHT NOW!

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You might be skeptical and think that this sound too good to be true.

Other books on Social Anxiety promised results but it didn't happen.

You are back being labelled as "ackward" or with "no ambitions" in life.

That's why you can read the eBook now on your computer, ipad or smartphone, right now RISK FREE for the next 60 days.

Here's what to do next

You've got 2 choices:

You can ignore this message, take no action and leave this page, and stay in your social anxiety comfort zone. Hide in your closet with your anxieties and fears - sweating, blushing, stuttering, and with yout heart in overdrive. Keep on missing opportunities, keeping NOT saying yes to invitations...


Do the sensible thing and grab this offer right now, risk free and you'll receive my eBook "STARTING BLOCKS - From Bloodsucking Emotional Vampires To Help From The Unseen Realm" as well as the bonuses.

Take your place in the starting blocks...

Start learning more about how to fasten the blocks, how to position them.

Start with an exercise routine to build up your strength.

Start eating the correct foods for the upcoming race.

Prepare yourself and accelerate yourself into a life of abundance - free of social anxiety.

It is not easy but it can be done.

After 60 minutes you can start to apply the 2-step formula as the starting line into an anxious-free life full of opportunities.

All for the low price of $7.

Hit the Get Instant Access button and within a few minutes you'll be reading and discovering how successful, positive and happy you can be.

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  • Bonus 3: Hypnosis MP3 - Bolster Your Conficence.

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Thank you for your time in reading my message.

Kind regards,

P.S. Francis of Assisi said: "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

Where would you be in 30 days from now?

Would you be doing the impossible or would you be doing what you've always done?

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